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​​​​​​​Nexus & Enterprise cPanel Update & Centos 7.7

Scheduled for between 18:00 and 19:00
Nexus & Enterprise cPanel Update & Centos 7.7
We might have some downtime while rebooting the 2 servers today.
The updates are urgent so we do apologise for any inconvenience.

19th Sep 2019
cPanel? What Went Wrong?

cPanel? What Went Wrong? https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/06/28/cpanel_price_hikes/  https://matt.net.uk/2019/07/06/cpanel-pricing/ https://twitter.com/cPanel/status/1147203572528029696 Now Limiting accounts on a server? Angry customers of 11 and 15 years are leaving ... Läs mer »

8th Jul 2019
Phishing Email is NOT Legit look at sender address and link addresses.

Phishing Email is NOT Legit !
Look at sender address and link addresses.
Do not click at all!  

18th Jun 2019
This is not a hacker you have nothing to worry about.

Generic email sent out to some clients this month is made to look like it is sent from your email but it is not the case, the email header has only been edited to make it look that way , if you inspect the email config you will notice this.

Here is the generic email sent out to some clients:

23rd Apr 2019
Email step by step Setup for iPhone (iOS7) Just Added

i Phone customers has asked for this tutorial we just added it today, enjoy.

26th Feb 2019
Account Statements Implemented

Account Statements Implemented for all customers.
Yes, you can now download your customised statement from the Billing menu chose Account Statement.

Here is the direct link: (You need to log into your account with us.


31st Jan 2019
PHP 7.2 Now implemented on all USL servers

You welcome to test PHP 7.2 with your website or application.

25th Jan 2019
USL Main Server and webpage update 11pm (23:00) Today 24 Jan 2019

USL Main Server and webpage update 11pm (23:00) Today 24 Jan 2019 We will be working on the USL Main Server Enterprise updating PHP etc.. and also the USL Webpage will be updated, we do not suggest you working on the server or your accounts at that time. The Updates should not take longer than 1 (One) ... Läs mer »

24th Jan 2019
David Theron you where a Fighter and we will miss you RIP dear friend.

It is with great sadness that we write here today, David Theron a friend and a fighter has crossed over. Blessings and condolences to David's family and friends it has been a great loss for us all.
He is safe now & with no pain, in the arms of the Universe.
Blessings David Rest in Peace XxX

13th Jan 2019
Happy New Year!!

May the light of faith shine bright and may all the negativeness blow out. 
Let us start a fresh New Year with trust, faith and cheerfulness. Happy New Year 2019!

7th Jan 2019