We now except All Major Credit & Debit Cards + Samsung Google Pay, even SASSA Cards at USL

  • Thursday, 28th January, 2021
  • 23:03pm

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We Trust your year is going well so far and that you keeping safe. The team is contacting you to inform you, that we now except All Major Credit & Debit Cards + Samsung Google Pay, even SASSA Cards at USL.

Customers have been asking for safe, Credit & Debit Payment options to be implemented at USL and we proud to introduce you to this new payment gateway, that will save you so much time. 

Here is a List of Credit & Debit Cards we support through YoCo.
List: https://usl.website/knowledgebase/291/What-Credit-and-Debit-Cards-do-we-accept.html


But, Why Pay with your Card instead of EFT?

1.       Your invoices and payments are marked paid instantly, no more POP’s

2.       Any services ordered, will instantly turn on and automatically activate on payment. No More Waiting at All

3.       It will not cost you any extra to pay by Credit or Debit card at all, USL will carry all costs.

4.       YoCo is safe & secure:

The Yoco Go payment system & card machine is Euro pay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) and
Payment Card Industry (PCI)* approved.
All transactions processed are securely encrypted and no card information is ever stored on the card machine or the payment system.
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To start using your Debit or Credit card is easy:

Just log in at
Click on invoices button, pick an invoice to pay & click on it and it will show you the 3 payment options in the pull-down menu.

That’s What We Have for You Today.
USL Admin Team

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