Elementor PRO Users ONLY!

  • Wednesday, 24th August, 2022
  • 19:58pm

Elementor PRO Users ONLY! 


If you update the normal FREE Elementor and you do have Elementor Pro installed on your site:


You might get a Critical error ONLY when login Into your Admin side on Word-Press.


The Easy Fix is: To UN-Install ONLY the Elementor PRO Plug-in and delete it off your site and then re-install your bought Elementor PRO Plugin and all will be well.


I would hold off on Normal Elementor Updates for now Until Elementor can fix this bug.  

How to disable and delete Elementor Pro or any plug-in, if I can not log into admin on Word-Press?

Please use Word-Press Toolkiton the left-hand side of your cPanel


We will keep you up-dated!

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