New! Radios in Stock // Now your own FREE Domain and Live Stream to YouTube & Facebook

  • 30th September 2021
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Jupiter Theme More Information In cPanel & WHM version 98

  • 23rd August 2021

cPanel has introduced a new theme for the cPanel interface: Jupiter.

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USL switching all staff to Linux POP OS!!

  • 8th August 2021
People of the land, our first USL admin on POP OS Linux is raving about the change from Windows to Linux, more specific Ubuntu Linux POP OS.   What I like is, you can boot up on the USB stick you created watching the video and make sure POP OS works on your computer before changing over.   What I did was buy a new SSD hard drive and un ...
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Rest In Peace Corrie Slabbert <3

  • 5th June 2021
It is with great sadness, I type today, to inform you, that we lost one of our level 3 Radio admins. She was also a Level 2 Hosting admin. She worked with USL for more than 11 Years, Her name was Corrie, she passed away this morning, they could not wake her. Every member of the USL team is broken up about this as she influenced each and every one ...
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