Get a custom amount of Gig's extra HDD space for any of your services Print

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There are 2 ways to do this:

Please go to any of your products and see if it shows a "Addons & Extras" Option you can use that to add extra space to your service or --

Instructions to Buy Custom Amount of Gig's:

Please go to this link in our shop: (Bundles & Specials)

You will notice a product called "Extra Gig's for Any Service" you can click on "Order Now" or here is the direct link:

It will ask where you need this service added, please specify this clearly and press "Continue"

On the next page you will notice "Apply Promo Code" Tab, you need to enter a code here if you have one.

Then Click on "Click Here To Validate Code" to get the discount you where offered by Admin.

If you need to set a custom amount of Gigs to buy, you will find a "QTY" field just above, you can now set any amount of Gig's you wish to buy and just click the small "Update" button.

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