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On all our servers, default time zone is either, America/Detroit +7 or Africa/Johannesburg +2

However depending on the customizations, you might see some different time zones in your account. You can change the PHP time zone in your account, by doing following changes in the php.ini file in Public_html folder.

Step 1 :

Log-in to the cPanel and navigate to file manager, Public_html folder


Step 2:

If there is php.ini file, open it using a text editor in file manager.

    ** If there is not any php.ini file, you can create a new file and name it as php.ini


Step 3:

Add following line on top the php.ini file for South African Local Time (CAT)

date.timezone = "Africa/Johannesburg"


Step 4: (Optional)

If you need to use some other time zone, you can replace it with valid time zone from here.

Once you saved the php.ini file, it will reflect on your web site, the correct Time Zone you selected in the php.ini file.


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