My FREE Service you gave me was also suspended with my paid service, Why? Print

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Unfortunately, if you neglect to pay certain services connected to the FREE product the FREE product will also be suspended.

If you are only paying for one service and you neglect to pay the one service, all free products will be suspended with the neglected product.

If you got the FREE service or product because you purchased some product or service, the free service will be connected to that purchased item and if the service or Product is not paid, the FREE service will be suspended along with the purchased service or product.

USL only provides FREE services or Products to paying customers as reward for their support and trust.   

USL undertakes to keep your FREE products FREE for as long as you pay your paid services with us.

We have no contracts at USL and run on the pay the service is on and do not pay the service is then off principle.

Can I pay for the free service to keep it on and Cancel my other paid service with you?


You may just contact us for a quote or look on our online shop what the pricing is for your FREE product you want to pay for now.

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