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  • You need a google account to get a key.
  • Open Create a project on Google, you maybe asked for billing account.
  • After the project is created, open Click on Enable APIS and Services link on the main page, find Maps Javascript API in the list and enable it for the project.
  • Open again, click credentials from the left menu and click create credentials then select API Key, your Google Maps API key is created, copy the key.
  • If the links are down or moved, search on Google about maps api key to start over.
  • Login to your SonicPanel >> Click Google API Key from the left menu under the Manage Account, enter your API key and save the changes.
  • Do not share your API key and do not use it on a public website.
  • Check Radio Listeners (Google Maps) feature.

Just a Heads up! Google now charges for this API service and will give you only one free map load per day.

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