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Step 1 


After your payment was successfully received, our system will automatically generate the following emails to your email address

  1. Customer Invoice – which will contain your invoice amount as well as payment method, and information and link  where to view this invoice


       2. Sonic New Account Information


       3. Invoice Payment Confirmation

You may review your invoice history at any time by logging in to your client area. 

Note: This email will serve as an official receipt for this payment.

        4. Your USL Sonic Account  details!


 Step 2

Now you have to use the information contained in the email that you saved

USL Radio --Sonic Panel:
Panel URL:
Username: sc_your login name
Password: xxxxxxx

Go to your Radio Panel by using the link you wanted to use for your radio.

Yes you can now use your own domain name to access your radio.

Enter your user name & password, to log in. 


The following page will open,  Radio Mainframe


In the radio mainframe, you can do the following:

Create your Auto DJ, which will play 24/7 when there are no live broadcasts

Playlist creation and auto-DJ creation !

Create login’s for your DJ’s

Manage you play lists for your ADJ

Restart, Activate or deactivate your radio

Start or stop your Auto DJ

View the amount if listeners on your Sonic Radio

Monitor and get the statistics of listeners, Remember Weekly stats reset every Sunday, so if you want to see the numbers for the week you need to look at them on Saturdays.


Step 3

What you need to set up your radio broadcasting station at home or anywhere you please:


  • A Computer or Laptop with 2Gig RAM with Windows
  • A sound card with microphone input.
  • A microphone preferably a headset with microphone.
  • A stable internet connection for your area with minimum 1meg speed



What to do next


  • Get the radio software and get training if needed.
  • Get sponsors to sponsor your shows.
  • Advertise for DJ’s to broadcast on your radio station or invite friends and family to broadcast on your station.
  • Create a Facebook and Twitter accounts for your radio station and register on TuneIn.
  • You can start a blog where you can load all your shows so your listeners can listen to the shows should they have missed it.
  • Register with Tunein and Streema, anyone with internet access can listen to your radio worldwide on any cell phone, tablet, android or computer with your play link.
  • Invite all your friends and family to like your Facebook Page and to follow your station on Twitter.
  • Promote your radio or let your marketing manager do it for you.
  • Plan and compile a broadcast schedule with your programs and advertise it.
  • Decide on a date to launch your radio and get your marketing person to market it.
  • Launch your radio station with a bang.
  • Get advertisers to advertise on your radio station to provide a monthly income for your station)


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