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You Will notice the pulldown menu under your name has a few interesting options.

This guide will teach you how to change your password for your client area.

Remember, this password is different than the password for your server or control panel.

This tutorial will assume that you are already logged into your client area.

On the menu bar, click on the HELLO, YourName link. Once you are at the My Details page, Click on the Change Password link in the My Details Menu Bar. At the Change Password screen, type your current password in the first box. Then enter your new password into the second box, and confirm it by typing it again in the third box. Then click the Save Changes button. Your password has now been changed.

Remember, you should change your password often for security reasons and your password needs to be a secure password made up of a combination of letters (both upper and lowercase), numbers and symbols an dyou can use the password generator to create a secure random password

Click the My Dashboard link in the menue, and that will take you back to your Client Area.

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