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Very weak Internet connections affecting only what you hear.

If your radio plays the same song over every time you open your radio to listen to it on your phone or browser, you have internet connection problems as the phone or computer is playing what it could download in the buffer on your connection.

The song suddenly stops and a new song is playing, this means your phone or computer player is not looping anymore with buffer data and has received new data from the radio to play and the next song has already started so its sounds to you like it cut your current song off and started to play a new song.

As said above this is only for YOU only you hear this, people with decent internet connections hear the radio as it is playing live, you are only hearing what your connection could save, over and over until it receives new data from the live radio playing normally for everyone else but you. (Buffering)

The Errors above happens on very weak internet connections under 48KB/s and you should never experience this kind of behaviour from your radio with standard stable internet connections.

Furthermore, you will notice when you open any web pages it only loads half way or gives you a 404 error, this means you have a bad internet connection.

Test your Internet Speed here: 

If any thing on your radio is not quite right or strange please reset your radio.


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