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In order for us to build your website swiftly and have it up, running and functioning smoothly, you need to send us your website content. Below is the information needed. Kindly send it to us in one single email to Support@USL.Website

We Transfer can be used to send content that is too large to send via a single email.
  • Business Name. For example Purple Rain Web Design

  • Full business address and/or service areas

  • All contact numbers, email addresses, social media links (Facebook pages, Instagram, Linked-in etc.)

  • A brief introduction/description of your business. Tell us who you are, what you do and what you require from your website. (Example: I am a web designer and need a website that showcases my portfolio containing websites I have designed)

  • We need a list of the main pages you want on your website. (Home, Contact, Services, Portfolio, FAQ, Gallery, Shop).

  • About page information. For Eg. (I am a trusted, well-established web designer with more than 20 years of experience and contactable references. I design websites suitable for all niches and industries. My websites are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, responsive and user friendly).
    You can also send high-quality photos of your employees/team/staff with a short description of each as well as the position they hold in your business. (Not applicable on most e-commerce sites)

  • Services you/your company provide. Send each service with a detailed description. You can also ad pricing for each service if you would like to display that on your website. (Not applicable on most e-commerce sites)

  • All images and/or logos that you would like to display on your website.
    All photos/images must be of high quality and square-shaped.
    Products/objects must be clearly visible and no corners cut off.
    None of the images may exceed 1.5MB.

  • If you ordered an e-commerce website, please include all product images. Each image should have the full product name, a short description and if needed a long description. Also include an SKU Number if relevant to your needs.

  • You may include a list of links to at least 3 websites you like that provide services/products similar to yours so we can get an understanding of what your likes and what your preferences are. We want to design a website you and your clients will absolutely fall in love with. The goal is to have a website that people will routinely come back to.

  • You can also send us the hex colour codes if you have a specific colour pallet/theme in mind for your website.

This is a summary of the standard list of information and content we will need from you in order for us to create a stunning website you will be proud of. Please take note of the following:
All images MUST be labelled
Info MUST be sent neatly and organised as described in the summary.
One email with all the necessary text content and images.


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