I'm Paying Late due to unforeseen circumstances, what are your Penalties and Grace Periods? Print

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Domains: (Strict)

- Domain Invoices should strictly be paid on or before the due date, as your domain or service will go into redemption and be suspended by the SA Registrar.

- Should you wish to retain your domain after payment date was due, you will have to pay an expensive redemption fee to get it re-activated again.

- In the case of domains, the notifications and invoices are sent out 60/30 days in advance and constant reminders are sent until your domain expires.

- We recommend that you are never late with domain payments once a year as the penalties does not go into our pockets but to the SA Registrar.


Service Renewals (Somewhat lenient)


- Radios get suspended on day 2 of no payment and deleted on day 5. (To Restore Radios From Backup will carry a hefty Lev 3 Admin service fee, if it can be done)



- Should the service invoice be left unpaid, you will receive only 3 x outstanding overdue payment notifications on services over 5 days after payment date.

- If the hosting service indicated on the outstanding invoice has not been paid by the 3rd notification, it will be automatically Suspended by the 5th day after due date by the Billing system.

- If you getting suspended to frequently you might face reconnection fees in future. On day 6 a reconnection fee is added to your invoice.

- Service Invoices still unpaid after 30 days; Your account and services will be deleted from our servers and no backup will be kept as soon as you get your next outstanding invoice on the service.

- Deletion of your account happens as soon as you get your next outstanding invoice on the same service that has not been paid.


Servers: (Very Strict)
Private Linux or Windows Servers:

- We recommend you never to be late on server invoices either.

- As the Data Centre, we hiring a cage from will un-hook your server from their internet and switch it off.

- Your server will go up for sale at the moment they switch it off.

- No Backup will be kept by us.

- a Reconnection fee of $200 Dollars to give you a new server and reload all your backup and restore your server, if it can be done.

- Restoring a suspended server can take up to 48 to 72 Hrs.

- You might face having to pay yearly for the server now and not monthly anymore as your reputation as a server owner has been tarnished.

- This also tarnishes USL's name with our Data Centre if you don't pay on time and we may refuse you service in future.

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